Logistics Business

International Freight Forwarder

For international transportation, handling complex procedures and specialized knowledge are required.
Our staff will propose the best and quickest transportation service to our customers.
We will also provide full support from document preparation, packaging, customs, transportation, shipping etc..

Details of Forwarding Business

Expart packing Agency

We will propose the best packing method such as moisture-proof and rust-proof for your products. We specialize in plant facilities, play- ground facilities, dangerous goods and air cargos.

Customs Brokerage

Specialized knowledge is required for customs clearance. Our experi- enced customs brokers with customs experience will quickly support the process from import/export declara- tion to customs inspections.

User Transportation Services

By achieving competitive price from multiple shipping companies and airline companies, we will propose the best transportation method to meet your shipping schedule.

Bonded Warehouse Operations

By possessing our own bonded ware- house for trading business, we are able to provide a smooth and appro- priate service.

(You) want to import cargo or export cargos

Will the cargo be imported and exported under your company's name?





In charge Forwarding Team Trading Team
Customs clearance

Your companyʼs name

*customs clearance done by our customs partner company

Tradevox Japan

*customs clearance done by our Tradevox Japan

Invoice & packing list etc. *basically by your company
(Tradevox Japan can handle it as well)
*basically by Tradevox Japan (cargo information necessary)
Ship or airline booking handled by Tradevox Japan (your company can handle it as well if you want)
we will issue our HBL (HAWB)
(there may be cases of BL issued by shipping / airline companies depending on logistics style)