As a trade professional, I used to be a customs officer.
With customs experience, my company will achieve sustainable business focusing on speed and quality first.


Our trade professionals with customs experience will consistently support

Trustworthy and stable transportation and com- plicated import/export procedures can be handled by professionals with customs experience.
Many customers are satisfied with our smooth and quick performance.
We will make sure to provide stable import/export service until your packages are received. Specialized knowledge in law, tax etc. are required for import/export procedures and we have these knowledge and skills.
Please feel free to contact us even if your cargo is few or has been rejected by other companies.
Our staff with wide knowledge will find solutions for you.


Contact us even if you have items that other companies have rejected

We have the know-how of handling various items, therefore we might be able to support the items that other companies have refused. We will con- firm multiple laws and international treaties and proceed with necessary actions.
The same can be said for those who are import- ing/exporting for the first time.
It is not a problem at all to contact us with difficult items.
Please contact us and our experienced and skilled staff will discuss and find the best solution.


We will proceed with quick speed, fair and clear price

There are situations that are hanging in the air, such as no response from other major logistics companies (due to complicated inquiry process). Our companyʼs compact organization do not let these situations happen, you can directly con- tact the person in charge making it possible to give professional advice.
Always focusing on the delivery date, we will provide high quality and fair prices.
You can consult with our experienced staff with- out any worries.