Trading Business

Trading & Trading Agency Business

Feel free to contact us even if it is only one item.
We will provide safe and secure trade with fair price and smooth luggage handling.
We will study the best solution together with individual customers and companies.


Doing import/
export business


Owners of online shops
and actual stores

Do you have the following

  • Do not know where to start to import/export.
  • Do not know when your luggage will arrive.
  • Do not know how to quote.
  • Searching for a partner which specializesin import/export online shops.
  • Want to request all in one, from domestic logistic to import/export.
  • Do not understand the customs process.
  • Do not know how to fill out the customs documents.
  • Want to request to partner that can speak Chinese for import/export business.
  • Do not know the market price of import/export.

Export Business
(including agency business)

Customs duty consumption tax are not taxed for export in Japan. Clear- ing Export Trade Control Order, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and other treaties will be the key action.
We will make sure the exporting prod- ucts clear the laws and other interna- tional treaties, pass the customs clear- ance, ship and airline is booked on behalf of you.


Import Business
(including agency business)

Products cannot be imported unless you clear all domestic and international laws and treaties.
Especially food and groceries directly related to the health of people living in Japan.
Therefore, we must clear all strict regula- tions of Food Sanitation Act and submit Food import notification to the local quarantine station where you import.


All complicated trading procedures will be supported by Tradevox Japan.
We can also be the actual importer/exporter on behalf of customers and import products you request.